Phosphorus Control

Phosphorus Control

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What are Phosphates?

Phosphorus is a nutrient that helps support the growth of aquatic plants, and it’s a natural part of an aquatic ecosystem. Phosphates come into the pond from leaves, twigs, grass clippings, fish waste, other organic matter and storm runoff, which carries fertilizers and other contaminants. Human activity is increasing phosphate levels at a dramatic rate. Farm runoff, lawn fertilizers, and animal waste are among the most significant contributors to extremely high levels of phosphates.

High levels of phosphates can cause toxic algae blooms, rampant weed growth, and overall poor water quality, which causes significant disruptions to an aquatic ecosystem.

Early Season Phosphate Control Treatment

We use Airmax EcoBoost PRx®, a highly effective, all-natural phosphate binder that works within the water column to clear up cloudy or murky water and restore your water quality.

EcoBoost PRx acts as a “reset” button for your pond or lake, primarily when used early in the season. EcoBoost PRx binds phosphates quickly, safely, and effectively making them unusable and helping to prevent future water quality issues.

The highly effective, all-natural phosphate binders in EcoBoost PRx eliminate the need for heavy metal treatments such as aluminum sulfate, which can negatively affect your pond’s pH. EcoBoost PRx will not affect pH levels, has no water use restrictions, and is safe for use in lakes, ponds, lagoons, and other aquatic environments.

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