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Our Mission

To be the most valued and respected name in ponds. To be a group of passionate, knowledgeable pond people helping the world enjoy ponds. We offer innovative, proven solutions delivered with a commitment to complete satisfaction… guaranteed.

The Pond Guy Offers more than one way to help our customers clean up and enjoy their ponds…

Meet The Pond Guy Team

Have a busy schedule or would rather have someone else do the work?

Our onsite staff of technicians can offer a variety of pond & lake services such as aeration and fountain installation and storage, pond treatment programs, and cattail/phragmites removal. Whatever your questions are, we know ponds and we are here to help!

Pond & Lake Service Department

Our Pond & Lake Service Department provides aquatic services for over 500 water bodies each season from 5,000 sq. ft. ponds up to lakes 10 acres and larger.

Though we can help anyone maintain their own pond, The Pond Guy has licensed applicators familiar with common weeds and equipped with the right pond care tools such as spray boats, specialized cutters, and installation equipment that allows us to do all the heavy lifting so you can spend less time working on your pond and more time enjoying it!

Retail Store

Stop into our retail store for help with product selection, plants, and fish. Even bring in your troublesome aquatic weeds for some expert identification and treatment recommendations.

The Pond Guy Retail Store and Local Pond & Lake Service Department are located at 15425 Chets Way Street, off Powell Rd. in Armada, MI.

Looking for DIY products and advice?

Our Retail Store is designed for Do-It-Yourself pond owners, so stop in and walk through our DIY display ponds and water features. We carry the top brand names you know, as well as many of our own Pond Guy branded items, which allows us to offer high quality at a fair price.

Our store offers more than just products on the shelf so when you are done relaxing by our 20,000-gallon koi pond with disappearing waterfall, come inside for expert pond care advice, weed identification, and aeration design. We will be happy to answer all your pond questions.


The Pond Guy Story

How It Started

Jason Blake started small, like most entrepreneurs. Jason grew up working on his grandfather’s apple orchard where he was given the task to keep the algae from clogging the pumps in the irrigation ponds. While this was a daunting task for any teenage kid he soon realized that if he could control the algae it would not only keep the pumps clean, but he could have a place to swim, fish, and play hockey.

Jason’s hobby soon became a job at the early age of 15. Living in a small town, word of Jason’s way with water spread quickly and he began to service several neighborhood ponds. As his client list grew he quickly realized he would need some help, after all, what 15-year-old doesn’t have an employee? He didn’t take long to recognize that his new employee would need two qualities, a truck, and a driver’s license. Little did he know he had taken the first steps towards building a business that would far surpass anything he could have ever imagined.

How It Has Changed

1996 – Jason graduated high school and was making plans to attend Michigan State. He wanted to go to college but wanted to run his business as well, so he did both. That year he finally gave the business a name “The Pond Guy®”, since that is what everyone called him anyway, he thought it fit perfectly.

1998 – Jason recognized there was a larger customer base than his hometown so, between homework and client visits he developed a mail-order catalog of the best pond products available began advertising.

2011 – Now with a freshly minted degree from Michigan State in hand and a thriving business, Jason set out to grow The Pond Guy. He had completely filled his parent’s basement and pole barn with pond products at this stage, so they hinted that it might be time to move. Jason took the hint and moved the company to its first warehouse and retail location in Marine City, Michigan, and began his online store.

2013 – The Pond Guy purchased water treatment manufacturer Winston Company, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Winston Company, Inc. had developed a leading water garden treatment line, CrystalClear® that consisted of many exclusive biological and chemical formulations that were soon integrated into The Pond Guy treatment line.

2016 – Once again, outgrowing capacity The Pond Guy broke ground on an additional facility doubling their current space, allowing them to expand their production capabilities and hire additional employees.

The Pond Guy Now

The Pond Guy name has grown well beyond Jason’s old neighborhood, but his focus hasn’t shifted. The Pond Guy is still dedicated to finding the best, most effective ways to help you maintain and enjoy your pond. We are still committed to providing unmatched, experienced customer service and as the folks from the old neighborhood will attest, we’re still taking care of the people and ponds we’ve been looking after for more than twenty-five years.

We ARE The Pond Guy, helping the World enjoy ponds.