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Water Treatments

Get to the source of common pond problems by targeting muck from excess nutrients and fish waste. Natural water treatments such as the DefensePAC® along with water conditioners like Stress Reducer PLUS can help balance your pond so you can achieve crystal clear water all season.

The Pond Guy® DefensePAC® Pond Care Packages

Achieve guaranteed crystal clear water in 5 simple steps. The Pond Guy® DefensePAC® combines 5 of the most effective pond care products into a comprehensive maintenance package saving you time, money and unnecessary guesswork. The DefensePAC® combats common pond problems such as substandard water quality, unwanted muck, built up debris and poor fish health. The DefensePAC® is available in two sizes both of which are packaged in a re-sealable bucket with complete easy-to-follow instructions.

Algae Control

Using the proper products to maintain your pond will save you time and money in the long run and ensure a faster turn around process should your pond find itself in an algae attack. While algae blooms cannot always be prevented the duration and intensity of their visit can drastically be reduced when your pond is properly kept. For best results consider one of these fast-acting algae control products.

Natural Water Treatments

Natural products will greatly increase water quality by boosting aerobic bacteria counts, binding up phosphates from organic material and eliminating organic debris. Including each of these key pond elements in your water garden or fish pond greatly reduces stress and guesswork associated with a troublesome unbalanced pond.

Water Conditioners

Products such as Stress Reducer PLUS and The Pond Guy® Chlorine Remover go a long way toward making new pond water inhabitable. Stress Reducer Plus helps fish to restore their natural protective slime coats, making them less vulnerable to illness. Chlorine Remover helps to neutralize chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water that can lead to stress.