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Seasonal Care

Spring and Fall can be the most stressful time for your pond as it transitions in and out of cooler weather. Keeping a clean pond with the right tools will help ensure your pond is prepared for every scenario.

The Pond Guy® ClearVac™ Pond Vacuum

Make your pond maintenance faster and more convenient! A powerful motor removes sludge, debris, and algae leaving your pond clean and healthy. The dual chamber reservoir and auto discharge feature allows for continuous use without waiting for time-consuming discharge cycles. With 4 included attachments, 13′ power cord and rigid extensions, you will ensure every inch of your pond is comfortably within reach. With a clear intake extension, you can monitor the debris going into the vacuum. The Pond Guy® ClearVac™ is capable of collecting particles up to 3/8″. The ClearVac™ also comes with a debris bag, convenient storage rack, and a 3 year warranty.


The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ Net Kit

Protect your pond from troublesome leaves, debris and predators with The Pond Guy® PondShelter™. Designed to be fully adjustable, the PondShelter™ will provide a snug fit in even the most difficult landscape.

For netting to properly protect a pond it needs the flexibility to adapt to fit the unique landscape. The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ utilizes a fully adjustable aluminum frame to provide an endless number of configurations. Each of the 4 legs can be extended and locked-to-length and is hinged to the center-hub to adjust net pitch and discourage debris accumulation. Durable black 1/4″ mesh netting allows for maximum visibility without sacrificing protection. Sporting an adjustable drawstring at the base of the PondShelter™, the mesh netting can be pulled tightly along the perimeter of your pond and staked securely in place.

Pond Tools

Pond Tools are a must have for water garden maintenance! Use the scissors to trim plants quickly and easily. Next, grab the pliers to pick up the waste. Catch fish, remove leaves, debris, string algae, and clean your waterfall or pond edge rocks with this 3-in-1 net brush combo.


Pond Heaters

Freezing winter temperatures will create a solid layer of ice on your pond’s surface. Below the ice sheet, decaying vegetation and organic matter release harmful gases, like ammonia, which can build up and kill your fish. A de-icer is an important piece of equipment in areas where water features freeze over during the winter. This little device maintains a small opening in the ice, which allows harmful gas to escape into the air, so your fish will stay happy and healthy while they’re hibernating. Pair de-icers up with an aeration system to receive even more winter protection.