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Fish & Plants

Fish and Plants add the finishing touch to any pond ecosystem. Aquatic plants work together to shade the pond, filter the water, provide habitat for aquatic life and beautify your landscape. Fish add a splash of color and give your pond personality. We offer a variety of aquatic plants and fish of all colors and sizes so stop in and select a few to enhance your pond!

The Pond Guy® Fish Food

The Pond Guy® Spring & Fall Floating Fish Food contains an easy-to-digest formula for cooler temperatures. This formula is key for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of this cold weather. The Pond Guy® Spring & Fall Floating Fish Food is great for all fish.

This summer staple formula provides a balanced diet of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Perfect for all pond fish. The Pond Guy® Staple Fish Food floats on the water’s surface and quickly softens for easy digestion. This easily digestible food promotes good water quality and optimal fish health.

The Pond Guy® Growth & Vibrance Floating Fish Food contains a high protein, color-enhancing diet to promote growth and intensify colors in koi. The high 38% protein formula, promotes growth while Spirulina and Stabilized Vitamin C are added for enhanced color.

Goldfish & Koi

Implementing fish into your water feature is a great way to increase its value. Witnessing a few fish antics alone provides a great source of entertainment, while feeding your fish is an excellent group activity that can create a little extra “together” time with friends and family. If you have children it is also a great way to teach them about the responsibilities of pet ownership. The Pond Guy® offers Sarasa and Shubunkin goldfish as well as a variety of koi sizes and colors so you can add and enjoy fish in your pond whether you are a pond pro or a pond beginner.

Aquatic Plants, Snails and Tadpoles

Aquatic plants are a key part of a balanced pond. They feed on “processed” fish waste and help reduce algae blooms. Approximately 40-60% of your pond’s surface area should be covered in plants. This is even more important if your pond is in direct sunlight most of the day. The Pond Guy® offers bog plants, submerged plants like fanwort and vallisneria, floating hyacinth and water lilies. Water lilies are available in a range of colors and are planted in 8” pots. Don’t forget to also add algae eating snails and bullfrog tadpoles for extra pond enjoyment!