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DIY Pond Kits & Water Features

Anyone can become a pond or water feature owner in just a few simple steps. Do-It-Yourself kits give you the supplies you need, minus rocks, to add an attraction to your backyard. Atlantic™ Colorfalls kits are a great way to add the sound of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond. The Pond Guy® AllClear™ and RapidFlo™ kits are perfect if you want to create a your own unique water feature and add fish.

The Pond Guy® AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kits

AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kits are designed with ease of installation, efficiency and maximum filtration in mind. The advanced filtration system found in an AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit starts with a SolidFlo™ debris handling pump. The SolidFlo™ pumps forces water to the AllClear™ filter to provide mechanical, biological and UV filtration. The water is then sent to the ClearSpring™ Filter and Spillway for final polishing and the start of a gentle stream or waterfall.

The AllClear™ Ecosystem Pond Kit is right for you if:

The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Ecosystem Pond Kits

RapidFlo™ EcoSystem Pond Kits are designed with large waterfalls and the sound of water in mind. The two-part filtration system makes them very versatile when a larger pond ecosystem and heavy water flow are desired. The first part of the system starts with a mechanical skimmer filter, which houses the pump and removes floating debris from the pond’s surface. Water is then pushed through the second part of the system, the oversized biological waterfall filter and spillway to provide the start of a magnificent waterfall and/or stream.

The RapidFlo™ EcoSystem Pond Kit is right for you if:

PondBuilder™ Cascading Falls Pondless Kits

Create a beautiful waterfall in your backyard without having to maintain a pond! Available in various sizes, these easy-to-install, low maintenance pondless cascading kits contain everything you need to create a soothing water feature. Their trouble-free design make these pondless kits the perfect choice for small yards, families with children and customers on-the-go.

Atlantic™ Colorfalls Basin Kit

Atlantic™ Basin Kits are designed to fit perfectly with all of Atlantic™ formal spillways, including the Colorfalls and the Color Changing Waterfall Weirs. Whatever your project is, the Basin Kit provides everything you need to complete the installation, from the reservoir to the plumbing to the pump, with all the fittings, double filtration, splash mat, even an Automatic Fill Valve!
*Colorfalls and Color Changing Formal Spillway are sold separately.