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Water Gardens

Water Gardens 101

A healthy pond doesn’t just happen. It’s created and maintained by you. Imagine seeing your fish thrive, your plants flourish, and your pond water turned crystal clear!

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DIY Pond Kits & Water Features

Anyone can become a pond or water feature owner in just a few simple steps. Do-It-Yourself kits give you the supplies you need, minus rocks, to add an attraction to your backyard. Atlantic™ Colorfalls kits are a great way to add the sound of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond.

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Waterfalls add visual appeal and sound to your pond, however, they are not always able to circulate the entire pond on their own. Diffused aeration systems like PondAir™ and KoiAir™ Aeration Systems, circulate pond water from the bottom up, increasing dissolved oxygen levels that help improve water quality.

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Water Treatments

Get to the source of common pond problems by targeting muck from excess nutrients and fish waste. Natural water treatments such as the DefensePAC® along with water conditioners like The Pond Guy® Stress Reducer PLUS can help balance your pond so you can achieve crystal clear water all season.

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Fish & Plants

Fish and Plants add the finishing touch to any pond ecosystem. Aquatic plants work together to shade the pond, filter the water, provide habitat for aquatic life and beautify your landscape. Fish add a splash of color and give your pond personality.

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Seasonal Care

Spring and Fall can be the most stressful time for your pond as it transitions in and out of cooler weather. Keeping a clean pond with the right tools will help ensure your pond is prepared for every scenario.

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