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Aeration for Long Term Algae Control

CHALLENGE: There are several homes that overlook The Orchards Tournament pond. It is a detention basin for storm water run-off for the community. This water body constantly receives added nutrients from fertilizers and debris from rain water.

GOAL: Keep it algae free and beautiful for the residents.

PLAN: Control invasive weeds and algae while allowing native plant growth to continue for a healthy ecosystem. Aeration was added in 2015 to help reduce and prevent muck and another method to add to a healthy pond ecosystem.

RESULTS: Even with temps in the 90’s this pond continued to sparkle. This goes to show how important a proactive approach to a pond can be.

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Thank all of you for your professionalism and exceptional quality of service you provide for us and this community. Although it took a couple of years to turn things around, The Orchards Tournament HOA couldn’t be happier to have “The Pond Guy” on our team. Our pond has never looked better …even during this unusually hot summer. – Tony Randazoo, The Orchards Tournament HOA