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Cattail & Phragmites Control

CHALLENGE: Addington Corners in Commerce Township, Michigan, is a lovely community with newer townhomes, a pool, and community center. One of its other strong selling features: beautiful pond views. Unfortunately, years of neglected cattail and phragmites growth turned the once eye-catching ponds into community eyesores. The fountains were no longer visible from the shores and burrowing muskrats had made the perimeter of the ponds unstable to walk on. Other pond companies told the association that the problem was beyond treatment. The association was entertaining costly bids to have the ponds dredged with heavy machinery.

GOAL: Restore ponds to their former glory, providing breathtaking views for the residents & safe, tranquil locations for community members to gather at and walk along.

PLAN: Using specialized underwater cutting tools, patience, and precision, The Pond Guy spent 10 days meticulously removing the overgrown weeds in and around the ponds and hauling away the debris. Next, the ponds were started on a chemical treatment plan to remove algae and submerged weeds. Finally, the ponds were put on The Pond Guy’s proactive treatment schedule to ensure the ecosystems of the ponds remained healthy and in-balance, and any emergent weeds were treated right away.

RESULTS: Success! The ponds are fully restored and once again a sparkling backdrop for community life.  Residents enjoy gazing at and walking along the beautiful grounds and new home buyers are thrilled with the well maintained community amenities.