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Purposeful and Picturesque: Forest Glen Has it All

Challenge:  An upscale neighborhood in Utica, Michigan had a beautiful pond integrated into its community landscape. Its purpose was not only to enhance the setting, but to catch neighborhood storm water run-off. On paper, the retention pond sounded perfect, but in reality it became a big problem.  The pond was nearly 100% covered with algae. The neighbors didn’t realize that lawn fertilizer also is one of algae’s favorite foods, and it was running down into the pond along with the storm water.

Goal:  Get rid of the algae and keep the pond clean.

Plan:  Anyone who knows The Pond Guy knows that we are huge proponents of natural vs. chemical solutions for pond and lake care. But chemicals do have their place, and this is it. We started the pond on a monthly chemical treatment plan to gain control of the pond in the short term. (You can’t rely on chemicals for long-term pond care because weeds and algae killed by the chemicals sink to the bottom of the pond and rot, forming a thick layer of muck that feeds more weed and algae growth!)

Next, we started the pond on a bi-weekly bacterial augmentation plan. Beneficial bacteria in ponds and lakes naturally break down bottom pond muck as well as suspended nutrients.

Results: A picture speaks a thousand words! The algae disappeared and continual treatments with beneficial bacteria are keeping the pond clean and healthy.