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Selective Weed Removal

CHALLENGE: A new hospice facility was being built on a previously undeveloped piece of property with a large 2.4 acre pond. The pond and its surroundings were overgrown with phragmites, but within the weeds there were spectacular shrubbery and landscaping features that the owners wanted to preserve.

GOAL: Preserve surrounding landscape, while removing weeds, and help the owners realize their dream of creating a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary for their patients.

PLAN: Destroy the phragmites with a carefully orchestrated attack by land and water. Desirable shrubbery and landscaping were covered in tarps to protect them from chemical sprays. High powered sprayers and special underwater cutters were brought in to not only kill the existing weeds, but destroy their roots and prevent future growth. Some of the weeds required hand pulling or hand painting due to their location within the landscaping. We continued to maintain the pond with once a month natural treatments, which kept the pond ecosystem healthy and balanced.

RESULTS: No off-target plants were destroyed. The natural landscaping and foliage were saved and the owners realized their vision of creating a natural haven for their patients to enjoy.