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Customer Comments

We love to hear from our customers! Here are some of their comments regarding treatments, installation and in-store service:

Our fish love you! – Jerry B. of Imlay City
My pond has never looked this good- Thank you!!! – Robert B. of Rochester Hills
You did a fine job!! Pond Looks GREAT! – Jim K. of Columbus
Everything worked out very well this season! – Cheryl M. of Cottreville
I always recommend you guys! The Pond Guy really know what they are doing! – Diane N. of Allenton
We are very pleased with you service. – Gordon R. of Wales
See you next year! – Vickie S. of St. Clair
My pond was getting away from me even though I bought my products at the store. It needed professional handling- great job! – David T. of Macomb
Very professional and caring about their work! – Pete T. of China
Pond has never looked so good and clean! – Tony V. of Washington
Love it! This was a bad summer with heat and no rain which means algae in pond but with your treatment it was pretty clean. Thank you! – Vickie D. of Kimball
Dave was very helpful and cooperative. His knowledge about the products, our needs as well as our budget was all consider in his helping us make a decision. – Joann of Washington
Judy is very helpful showing true concern for the companies’ clients. She’s the type of employee companies want in the frontline. Let her train all of your customer service personnel or clone her. Either way the company will win. – Doug S. of Plymouth
Loved dealing with Kendra & Dave… they’re wonderful!!! – Karen G. of West Bloomfield
YAY!!! Judy is great! – Jennifer L. of Ann Arbor
I was there (at the pond) this week. Can’t believe the difference! Great job! – Karen P. of Troy
Excellent service. – Bill W. of Dryden