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Water Testing & Lake Studies

Available Water Tests

Why We Test Water

Water tests are an additional tool you can use to create a profile of what is really happening in your pond or lake. Testing dissolved oxygen levels for example will tell you whether or not your body of water can support fish and other aquatic life. Pond Clarity may be an issue if your goal is to provide diving or swimming and may even affect the health of your pond. This can be tested with a secchi disk reading. Performing water tests will help pinpoint your pond problems so you can find the best solution.

Lake Studies

Single tests give you a starting point in correcting any lake issues, however, water bodies are not static and change frequently. Readings done in the morning may be slightly different by the afternoon. Continued studies will allow for a more complete picture of how your lake can change over time and test results of your lake management practices.

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Water Testing & Lake Studies

Can you test my pond to make sure it is safe for swimming?

The most common concern when it comes to water testing is if your pond is safe for swimming. If the pond is properly maintained and circulated than your pond is generally healthy enough for swimming. If waterfowl such as geese frequently visit your pond, you may want to have your water tested for E. Coli. Your local health department must complete this test.