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Installation of Pond Liners

When Do You Need to Use a Pond Liner

A pond’s ability to hold water may be caused from a few factors; low water table (which may be evident from looking at neighboring bodies of water) or that the material the pond was constructed from is very porous such as rocks or sand. If this is the case a liner may be needed in order to maintain a normal pond water level.

What We Install

If your pond is in need of a liner, The Pond Guy provides professional delivery and installation of 20 Mil PVC Pond Liners. These liners are available in one piece as large as 200’ x 200’. For larger or irregular shaped ponds, these liners can be configured and be factory-quality seamed onsite for the perfect fit.

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Pond Liner Install

Can I use a liner to stop weed growth?

Liners should only be used for ponds that are not able to hold water on their own. Ponds that hold water or have natural springs will also have issues with liners shifting or bubbling. Though liner may provide a short-term fix for disguising weeds and muck eventually sediment will still accumulate on the liner and weed growth will once again begin to occur.