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DIY Treatments

If you enjoy maintaining your own pond and are looking for the tools to do the job, these DIY products can help you out. The ClearPac PLUS offers natural bacteria, pond dye and phosphate binder to breakdown muck and clear cloudy water. Shoreline Defense will focus on emergent weeds like cattails and phragmites, so you can enjoy your pond’s natural backdrop, without it getting out of control.

Pond Logic® ClearPAC® PLUS

The Pond Logic® ClearPAC® includes everything you need to keep your pond clean and clear all season long. Save time, money and guesswork with this all-in-one pond care package. The Pond Logic® ClearPAC® addresses the root of pond problems – excess nutrients and sunlight. It combines the power of Algae Defense®*, PondClear™, EcoBoost™, Nature’s Blue™ Pond Dye, and MuckAway™ to fight algae and suspended debris for the entire season. Guaranteed to work or your money back!

Pond Dye Liquid & Packets

Pond Dye shades and protects your pond while enhancing natural color and beauty. Its powerful 4x concentrated formula allows each quart or 2 packets of Pond Dye to treat like a gallon of competitive brands. One quart or 2 packets treat up to 1 acre 4-6 feet deep. Each color of Pond Dye provides the same reliable protection and can be selected based on your personal color preference. The Pond Guy® dye packets are available in our PondShade™ Blue. Pond Logic® Pond Dye is available in Nature’s Blue™, Twilight Blue™ and Black DyeMond™

Pond Logic® MuckAway™

MuckAway™ pellets digest accumulated organic debris, also known as pond muck, that reside at the bottom of your pond or lake. Upon application, MuckAway™ pellets sink below the surface of the water releasing a specialized blend of beneficial bacteria, which instantly begin digesting muck, improving water clarity and eliminating noxious odors. MuckAway™ precision release pellets are easy to use and are great for spot treating troublesome areas such as beaches or shorelines. It can even be used in high-flow areas such as canals or lake front property. With regular use, MuckAway™ can break down up to 5 inches of pond muck per year.

Pond Logic® PondClear™

Pond Logic® PondClear™ is an all natural, beneficial bacteria designed to remove excess nutrients and eliminate noxious odors in your pond. PondClear™ naturally improves pond water by attacking suspended organic waste and muck. The bacteria digest organic debris leaving you with water that is clean and clear while promoting a healthy ecosystem. You will achieve the same great results using either the liquid gallon or water soluble packets of PondClear™. Liquid gallons of PondClear™ are available for pond owners that prefer the smaller initial cost. PondClear™ packets are easier to apply and are more cost effective per treatment than using liquid PondClear™.

Pond Logic® Algae Defense®

Eliminate algae blooms and green water from your pond with Pond Logic® Algae Defense®. A fast-acting liquid formula, Algae Defense® can be directly applied via a pressurized sprayer to combat floating filamentous algae, bottom growing chara or the planktonic algae that causes green water. Each gallon of Algae Defense® treats up to 8,000 square feet and can be used when water temperatures are at or above 60°F.

Pond Logic® Shoreline Defense®

Kill the roots of even the most persistent emergent aquatic weeds & grasses. Pond Logic® Shoreline Defense® is great for controlling cattails or any other plant growing above or out of the water. Apply directly to the foliage, allowing it to be absorbed by the weed, killing the roots for long-term control. Shoreline Defense® is not to be used for submerged weeds. Works great for beaches, shorelines or anywhere emergent weeds grow. Use with Treatment Booster™ PLUS for the best results.