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What is Fish Day?

It’s time to think about your fish. Whether you want to add a new species for fishing, plant minnows to feed game fish, or stock a new pond, The Pond Guy’s Fish Day has what you need. Fish Day has been rescheduled for Spring 2021.

Fish Day is a great opportunity to visit with other pond owners, get lots of free pond advice and stock up on game fish such as bass, bluegill, perch, and catfish. Advanced orders are recommended and will be reserved for pickup. Extras will be available on Fish Day, although they are subject to availability.

Pre-Order using our Fish Day Order Form.

Bags of Fish
Bags of Minnos

What to Expect When You Arrive on Fish Day

Our store will be open starting at 9:00 am on Fish Day. You may stop in to purchase reserved fish or available extras starting at this time. The bagging process will not begin until approximately 11 am. Reserved orders should be paid no later than 1 pm.

Parking – Our regular store parking area will be closed for fish packing and pickup. Pond Guy Staff will be available to guide you to a parking spot. You are welcome to leave your fish containers in your vehicle and pull up to the pickup area when your order is ready.

Purchasing Fish – Once you have arrived, please come to the store first to verify your order and pay for your fish. You are welcome to purchase pond supplies and available extra fish at this time. Once you have purchased your fish, you will be given a numbered tag. Please hold on to this tag, as this number will be used to announce when your order is ready for pickup.

Bagging Your Order – Fish cannot be pre-bagged and therefore it can take time for staff to prepare your order. Please feel free to join us in the conference room adjacent to our store to pick up a snack or two and have any additional pond maintenance questions answered by one of our staff. You may also choose to leave during this time. Leave us your cell phone number and we will send you a text when your order is ready.

Picking Up Your Order – Once your order is ready, you may pick up your fish at the pick-up station located in the store parking lot. Staff will be available to help you carry fish to your vehicle or you may bring your vehicle to the pickup area for loading.

Fish Transportation – Fish will be bagged and sealed with oxygen, however, we do recommend that you bring coolers or watertight plastic containers for transportation. This will allow bags to sit upright and keep from rolling during transportation and ensures that if a bag leaks, the fish will arrive to your pond safely. In general, you will receive one bag per 50 fish. If you are purchasing less than 50 fish, plan for one bag per species. Flyers will be available at the pickup station with tips on how to acclimate your fish once you arrive home.

Fish Day also includes:

FREE Lunch from 12pm – 2pm – Join us by the grill to grab some Hot Dogs or Bratwurst. Chips and Pop will also be served!

Hot Dogs

Product Demonstrations throughout the day – Enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful fountain displays at our exclusive one acre R & D pond! If you are looking to see fountains and aerators in action, this is an absolute must!

Hot Dogs

Toss & Win

Make a purchase on Fish Day and earn a chance to play our bean bag toss. Each hole-in-one receives a pond cash prize. Click here for game rules.

Toss and Win

Additional Commonly Asked Questions

How late can I come and pick up my fish?

Reserved fish need to be paid for by 1 pm, after 1 pm these fish may be released as extra fish available for sale.

Do I have to reserve fish?

Pre-orders are always recommended to ensure availability and should be placed in-store, over the phone, or online by Spring 2021. Extra game fish will be available as first come first serve starting as early as 9 am on the fish day, so arrive early to ensure availability.

Can you hold my fish past 1 pm?

We cannot hold reserved fish after 1 pm. Reserved orders not paid for by 1 pm may be released for sale. If you are unable to pick up your fish before this time please call or send a friend or family member.

What do I do when I get my fish home?

Float the sealed bags of fish in your pond for 15-20 minutes. Choose shaded areas of your pond to float the bags, if possible. (Do NOT leave fish floating in bags unattended in full sun) After 20 minutes open the bag and introduce the pond water into the bag. Let the fish swim out at their own pace. Make sure not to feed your fish for at least 24 hours so the fish have time to acclimate to their new environment. Remember this is a stressful time for your new fish! Enjoy your fish!

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